7+ Academic Counselor Resume Templates

What Does An Academic Counselor Do? An academic counselor is a counselor at a college or university who helps students make educational and career decisions. For underclassman, they may provide advice on course selections, choosing a major and taking advantage of opportunities like study abroad and extracurricular activities. via What […]

8+ Crisis Counselor Resume Examples

How Do You Describe Crisis Management On A Resume? Transparency. You aren’t afraid to tell people what’s really going on. Teamwork. You work together to address the issue. Compassion. You show concern and are empathic to how others around you are affected. Communication. Composed. via What does a crisis Counsellor […]

12+ School Counselor Resume Templates

What Should A School Counselor Resume Include? Key Skills Emphasizing family-community-school relationships to end bullying. Counseling based on student needs. Presentation. Learning strategies. Teaching self-management and autonomy skills. Social skill coaching. Career planning. Encouraging students to achieve academic success and fulfilling their potential. via What should a school counselor resume […]

6+ After School Counselor Resume Templates

What Is A Job Description For After School Counselor? After School Counselors usually work with elementary school students attending afterschool classes. Their role consists of supervising children during activities such as preparing homework, playing outdoors, reading, practicing sports, or learning arts and crafts. via What is the average salary for […]

12+ School Counselor Intern Resume Sample

What Does A School Counseling Intern Do? Interns will develop and practice research and evaluation skills relative to school counseling including: application of research findings to inform the practice of school counseling; development of measurable outcomes for school counseling programs activities, interventions, and experiences; and analysis and use of via […]