16+ Bankruptcy Paralegal Resume Templates

What Makes A Good Bankruptcy Paralegal? Can a paralegal prepare bankruptcies? In fact, paralegals can prepare and file bankruptcy petitions independent of lawyers. Although they are not allowed to provide legal advice, completing the paperwork involved in consumer cases is well within the capabilities of a well-trained paralegal. via How […]

15+ Personal Injury Case Manager Resume Sample

What Does A Personal Injury Case Manager Do? The case manager will assess the injured person’s rehabilitation needs and address what is needed to rehabilitate them so that they make as good a recovery as possible. They look at every aspect of the person’s physical, intellectual and emotional wellbeing. via […]

8+ Editorial Assistant Resume Sample

What Does An Editorial Assistant Do? Editorial assistants are responsible for providing direct assistance to editors. They often provide administrative assistance to editors by answering phones, taking messages, running errands, and performing other tasks as needed. They may also accompany editors on business trips and to various conferences. via What […]

9+ Editorial Resume Templates

What Does An Editor Do Resume? Editor Resume: Examples and Tips. An editor’s main responsibilities include reviewing and editing the work of writers, checking content for grammar and accuracy, producing projects for publications and digital media, brainstorming ideas for new content, and delegating tasks to in-house teams and freelancers. via […]

12+ Family Law Paralegal Resume Sample

What Does A Family Law Paralegal Do? As a paralegal, you will likely assist in preparing court documents that are used to start or respond to family law proceedings. This course will give you some practical guidance about the documents that should be used. Learn about divorce and the procedure […]

8+ Personal Injury Paralegal Resume Templates

What Are The Duties Of A Personal Injury Paralegal? Personal Injury Paralegal Roles & Responsibilities Understanding of medical terminology, common injuries, and basic human anatomy. Interviewing and screening prospective clients. Preparing witnesses and clients for depositions. Scheduling travel logistics for one or more attorneys. Transcribing legal documents. via How do […]

5+ Paralegal Resume Skills Examples

What Skills Should A Paralegal Have? An indispensable paralegal has an ability to multitask, a strong attention to detail, a willingness to learn, an expertise in organization, and psychic abilities. Ability to multitask. Strong attention to detail. Willingness to learn. Expertise in organization. Psychic abilities. via How do you describe […]

10+ Resume For Paralegal Student Examples

How Do I Make A Paralegal Resume With No Experience? Use your cover letter to state up front that you may lack specific experience in the paralegal field but that you have a passion to learn. If you have no experience because you just graduated from college, then you will […]

10+ Experienced Paralegal Resume Sample

How Do You Put Paralegal Experience On A Resume? Start with your highest degree. Then add all your other degrees in reverse-chronological order. If you’re an experienced paralegal professional, it’s best if you put your education section after your work experience. via What should be on a paralegal resume? Paralegal […]