1+ Education Summary In Resume Templates

How Do You Write An Education Summary On A Resume? Write the name of the school and its location. The first thing you can add is the name of the school you attended or are currently attending. Add the degree you received. Include the dates you attended. List notable achievements. […]

4+ Educational Consultant Resume Sample

What Does An Educational Consultant Do? Educational consultants do many things. They advise K-12 school districts on how to integrate technology into the classroom. They design and manage higher education and professional development programs for K-12 teachers at universities and colleges. And they help companies design products for teachers. via […]

6+ Secondary Teacher Resume Examples

What Should A High School Teacher Put On A Resume? Skills section sample for a high school teacher resume Excellent Communication Skills. Curriculum and Instruction. Knowledge of Educational Philosophies. Technology Infused Education. Safe Classroom Procedures. via What should be on a resume for a teacher? What to Include in Your […]

8+ Higher Education Administration Resume Templates

How Do You Put Higher Education On A Resume? Your education section belongs in your work experience section. When listing your educational entries, do it reverse-chronologically. If you have a university or community college degree, don’t list your high school education. If you don’t have an exceptional GPA, do not […]

7+ Middle School Teacher Resume Templates

How Do I Write A Resume For A School Teacher? Name and details. Objective (make this job specific) Education (be sure to include the years attended) Work Experience (be sure to list both the month and year start and end date) Other Skills (make this relevant to the job) via […]

11+ Tutoring Experience On Resume Sample

How Do You Put Tutoring Experience On A Resume? Add tutoring to your experience or volunteer section. List the timeline of your experience. Specify where you worked. Quantify your accomplishments. via What skills should I put on my resume for tutoring? Top 5 Tutoring Resume Skills Problem Solving. As a […]

9+ Teacher Skills On Resume Sample

What Skills Should A Teacher List On A Resume? Examples of teacher resume skills Critical thinking. Patience. Communication. Organization. Imaginative thinking. Leadership. Teamwork. Time management. via What skills do teachers have? Onto the skills… Communication. A huge part of teaching is communicating information. Patience. People learn at all different rates. […]

9+ College Teacher Resume Templates

How Do You Write A Resume For A College Teacher? Use a two-page résumé, not a CV. Emphasize your relevant experience and commitment to teaching in both your résumé and cover letter. De-emphasize your research experience. Accentuating your scholarship can suggest that you do not understand the nature of the […]