8+ Government Contractor Resume Sample

How Do You List Government Contractors On Resume? For example, you could list your employment history as “Independent Contractor – U.S. Department of Labor” followed by a brief description of your responsibilities and accomplishments while you were in that role. The description of your job shouldn’t be any different than […]

17+ Home Remodeling Resume Examples

What Does A Home Renovator Do? Renovators rehabilitate and remodel real property. Professional renovators are typically contractors, architects, or engineers in their individual capacities or as part of a real estate construction firm that specializes in renovations. Amateurs can be anyone who undertakes a remodeling project, usually of a home. […]

13+ Subcontractor Resume Sample

What Should I Put On My Resume As A Subcontractor? Specializes in industrial and large commercial projects. Well-versed in all aspects of contract law. Strong human resources and resource management skills. Excellent project management skills. Exceptional communication and presentation abilities. Very strong part of a team. via How do I […]

13+ Resume With Contract Work Sample

Can You Put Contract Work On A Resume? Yes, in most cases you should include contract work on your resume. Any legitimate work experience that helps prove you have the right skills for a job should be listed on your resume. via How do you put contract work on a […]

17+ It Contractor Resume Sample

How Do I Write A Contractor Resume? One adjective (“Efficient,” “Effective”) “Licensed Contractor” Years of experience. Goal (“deliver construction excellence”) 1 or 2 skills from the job ad. 1 or 2 accomplishments that best prove those skills. via What should a general contractor put on a resume? The most successful […]

21+ Finished Resume Examples

How Do You Finish A Resume? FOCUS: Your résumé should be focused on a specific career industry. CONTROL: Use a word-processing program rather than a template to maintain creative control over your résumé. ORDER: If you choose to use an objective, profile, or summary of qualifications, they should be at […]