15+ New Grad Nursing Resume Examples

What do you put on a resume for a new grad RN? Below are seven steps you can follow to write your own new grad nursing resume:

  • Structure your resume.
  • Write your summary.
  • Include your licenses and certifications.
  • Add in your education.
  • List your clinical rotations.
  • Add work and volunteer history.
  • When to change the order.
  • In addition to, How long should a new grad RN resume be?

    Even though you are proud of your past accomplishments and eager to share with recruiters just how motivated a new graduate nurse you are, resumes should be no longer than one page. If asked, the interview is the place for you to highlight your dedication and past achievements you think are relevant to the position.

    Along with, How do you write an entry level nursing resume?

  • Use a functional resume format.
  • Focus on your transferable skills.
  • Keep your resume short and clear.
  • Highlight soft skills: Mention your soft skills, such as patience, communication, and organization.
  • Judgement matters.
  • Use a professional resume builder.
  • Consequently, How do I write a resume after nursing school?

  • Start with your contact information. Your full name should go at the top of your resume.
  • Add a summary.
  • List your certifications and licensure.
  • Describe your skills.
  • Detail your education.
  • Include your clinical experience.
  • Add any awards or achievements.
  • How do new grad nurses stand out?

  • Don't Go Over-the-Top (or Over-the-Limit) With Your Formatting Choices.
  • Don't Color Outside the (Guide)Lines.
  • Write for a Reader That Knows the Nursing Field.
  • Highlight What Sets You Apart.
  • Don't Turn in Resume That's Heavy on Fluff, Light on Relevant Credentials.
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    What should I put on my nursing resume?

    As with all resumes, a nurse's resume should include any honors and awards they've received. Examples include honors and awards from school, work, volunteer work, professional affiliations, and even social clubs. Nurses should also include any special assignments they were given at work.

    Can nursing resume be 2 pages?

    Length: Even an experienced nurse resume should aim for no more than one page. Anything longer is usually for an RN with 10 or more years of experience and numerous certifications and/or specialties.

    How do you write a nursing resume with no experience?

  • Structure your resume in an organized manner.
  • Market yourself as a professional.
  • Establish clear priorities.
  • Choose the appropriate headings.
  • Describe your training and education.
  • Emphasize what you have learned.
  • Take credit for previous work experience.
  • Do you put high school on nursing resume?

    High school information generally is not included on a professional resume with a few exceptions. However, once you cease to be a new graduate nurse (one to two years after graduation, regardless of experience), this type of information is no longer relevant and should be removed.

    Do you put RN license on resume?

    Don't forget to add your nursing license number, license type (LPN or RN), name on the license (if it's different from the name on your resume), state of licensure and expiration date. If you have a license that's part of the Nurse Licensure Compact, note that on your resume as well.

    How do you put Nclex on resume?

    the NCLEX, include your RN license (and license number). If you have not yet taken/passed the NCLEX, write “Eligible for NCLEX test for RN” and include your test date (if known). Include any other related licenses or certifications. that nursing students leave out—but it is the most important!

    How do you list certifications on a resume for nursing?

    Licensure, Certifications

    For licenses, use this order: license type, licensing state/body, license name and number, nurse license compact, and expiration date. For certifications, start with the name, followed by conferring organization, expiration, and certification number, if applicable.

    What looks good on a resume for nursing school?

    Here are the sections you should include on your resume, and why they are important.

  • Your Personal Letterhead. At the top of every resume, it's important to include the following:
  • Summary and Objective.
  • Education.
  • Licensure and Certification.
  • Clinical Experience.
  • Work Experience.
  • Volunteer Experience/Group Memberships.
  • Is it hard to get a job as a new grad nurse?

    Yet despite all of these numbers and sources, swaths of new-grad RNs are having an extremely difficult time finding their first nursing jobs. In fact, the National Student Nurses Association and National League for Nursing released a joint report recognizing the “very competitive job market” for new-grad RNs.

    Why should we hire you new grad nurse?

    Good nurse needs right attitude, empathy, and also a strong mind, to manage to handle and process all they see in the job. You should hire me because of my attitude to this work. I see nursing as my personal mission, something I want to do for the rest of my life. I do not care about money really.

    How do you nail a new grad nursing interview?

    Should you list skills on a nursing resume?

    A career in nursing requires you to have a wide range of both hard and soft skills to be successful. The skills section of your resume shows potential employers you have the abilities to be successful in the role you are applying for.

    Should I put GPA on nursing resume?

    First, because no one ever asks about GPAs in a nursing interview, they do not matter. The second argument against including your GPA on your nursing resume is that it just doesn't matter. All that matters is that you have your degree, your license, and the experience the employer is looking for.

    How far back should a resume go?

    Most experts recommend including 10-15 years of work history on your resume. For the majority of professionals, this includes between three and five different jobs.

    Does RN or BSN come first?

    Nurses in clinical practice tend to list their licensure first followed by degrees and then certifications. For example: RN, BSN, CCRN. Nurses who are academic educators list their academic degrees first followed by licensure and then certifications. For example: DNP, RN, CNE.

    Can you put clinicals on your resume?

    If you are a new RN graduate: prioritize your clinical experience by placing Clinical Rotations and any nursing related experience (CAN, Nursing Home Aide, etc.) toward the beginning of the resume. Remember all new RN graduates completed clinical rotations: find a way to make your rotational experience stand out.

    How do you put your RN after your name?

    RN Professional Credential

    According to American Nurse Credentialing Center, simply sign your full name, followed by either "R.N." or without the punctuation, "RN." Always use your professional name and not nicknames or shortened versions of your name.

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