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What is load resume? This option specifies that all data in the table space is to be replaced. Alternatively, you can load new records into a table space without deleting the existing rows by using the RESUME option. The LOAD utility defines a new data set with a control interval that matches the page size.

Besides, What is load resume in DB2?

RESUME YES indicates that the records are to be added to the end of the table. The ENFORCE CONSTRAINTS option indicates that LOAD is to enforce referential constraints on the data that is being added. This option is also the default.

On the contrary, What is Nocopypend in DB2? NOCOPYPEND - instructs DB2 not to put the table in the copy pending status. STATISTICS - instructs DB2 to update the statistics of table as well as index.

Besides, What is load utility in DB2?

The LOAD utility loads records into the tables and builds or extends any indexes that are defined on them. If the table space already contains data, you can choose whether you want to add the new data to the existing data or replace the existing data. The LOAD utility accepts encrypted input data sets.

What is quiesce in DB2?

The QUIESCE utility establishes a quiesce point for a table space, partition, table space set, or list of table spaces and table space sets. A quiesce point is a point at which data is consistent across these objects. You can later recover a table space to its quiesce point by using the RECOVER utility.

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What is error in DB2?

An important feature of DB2 programs is the error processing. The error diagnostic containing the SQL Return Code is held in the field SQLCODE within the DB2 SQLCA block. SQLCODE is no longer part of the SQL-standard. The SQL-standard replaced SQLCODE by the more detailed SQLSTATE.

What does reorg do in DB2?

The REORG TABLE command reorganizes a table by reconstructing the rows to eliminate fragmented data, and by compacting information. On a partitioned table, you can reorganize a single partition.

What is Reorg and Runstats in DB2?

runstats is for collecting indexes and tables statistics information which to enable the DB2 optimizer to generate efficient access plan. reorgs is for reorganizing tables and indexes.

What is load and unload in DB2?

About this task. When you need to change a DB2 table, for example by adding a column, you can save the existing data by using the DB2 Unload utility. After the change to the table, you then reload the table using the Load utility. Using Unload and Load with no change reorganizes the data.

How does cursor work in DB2?

Using a cursor is like keeping your finger on a particular line of text on a printed page. In Db2, an application program uses a cursor to point to one or more rows in a set of rows that are retrieved from a table. You can also use a cursor to retrieve rows from a result set that is returned by a stored procedure.

What is recovery utilities?

The RECOVER utility recovers data to the current state or to a previous point in time by restoring a copy and then applying log records. The RECOVER utility can also recover data to a previous point in time by backing out committed work.

What is clustering index in DB2?

A clustering index determines how rows are physically ordered (clustered) in a table space. Clustering indexes provide significant performance advantages in some operations, particularly those that involve many records. You can define a clustering index on a partitioned table space or on a segmented table space.

How do you pronounce QUIESCE?

What will you face Sqlcode 911?

At the time of deadlock or timeout you will face SQLCODE -911.

What does Sqlcode =- 206 mean?

That simply means that an undefined column or parameter name was detected. The error that DB2 gives should point what that may be: DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-206, SQLSTATE=42703, SQLERRMC=[THE_UNDEFINED_COLUMN_OR_PARAMETER_NAME], DRIVER=4.8.87. Double-check your table definition. Maybe you simply missed adding something.

What Sqlcode means?

SQLCODE is an integer variable in which the DBMS returns the status of the last SQL statement executed. The values returned in the standalone SQLCODE variable are the same as those returned in the sqlcode member of the SQLCA structure. The value of SQLCODE is meaningful only in the context of a session.

Why reorg is needed?

To keep it simple: REORG is a database operation that is executed in DB2 to reorganize the table spaces or index spaces. The purpose of the reorganization is data clustering. This operation reconstructs the data in the table spaces or index spaces, so that the data is unfragmented and physically continuous.

Why reorg is required?

Reorganizing a table reclaims empty pages and reduces the amount of space that a table uses. In addition, because empty pages are read into the buffer pool during a table scan, reclaiming unused pages can improve scan performance.

What is overflow in DB2?

A table read overflow occurs when DB2 attempts to read the row from its original location, then discovers the pointer and has to go read the row from its new location. Read overflows are particularly expensive because DB2 is now forced to do double the logical read I/O and probably double the physical I/O as well.

What is Runstat in DB2?

RUNSTATS is a DB2 utility that scans a table space or indexes to gather information about space utilization and index efficiency. The information gathered is stored in the DB2 system tables and used by the SQL optimizer to select the best access paths during the bind process.

What is bind and rebind in DB2?

For static SQL, it's during the BIND/REBIND process that the DB2 optimizer determines the optimal access path to the data for each SQL statement using various inputs such as the SQL statement text, the schema definition, and the current object statistics from the DB2 catalog.

How do I check my Runstats?

Monitoring the progress of RUNSTATS operations

You can use the LIST UTILITIES command or the db2pd command to monitor the progress of RUNSTATS operations on a database.

What is UID in Dsnuproc?

UID= Specifies the unique identifier for your utility job.

What is image copy in Db2?

The image copy allows us to download or copy the DB2 table into a mainframe dataset. There are two types of Image copy i.e. Full image copy and Incremental image copy. The full image copy is used to take the backup of the entire table. The incremental image copy refers to the differential backup.

What is unload in JCL?

The UNLOAD step is performed by IMS Queue Control Facility to remove messages from the shared queues for reinsertion later or for test purposes, similar to the REPROCESS procedure. Use the UNLOAD step to remove messages from the shared queues for reinsertion later.

What are the datatypes in Db2?

How Db2 compares values of different data types

  • String data types. Db2 supports several types of string data: character strings, graphic strings, and binary strings.
  • Numeric data types.
  • Date, time, and timestamp data types.
  • XML data type.
  • Large object data types.
  • ROWID data type.
  • Distinct types.
  • What are the 4 divisions in Cobol?

    There are four divisions in COBOL:

  • Identification Division.
  • Environment Division.
  • Data Division.
  • Procedure Division.
  • What does the Db2 precompiler do?

    The Db2 precompiler scans a program and copies all of the SQL statements and host variable information into a DBRM (database request module). The precompiler also returns source code that has been modified so that the SQL statements do not cause errors when you compile the program.

    How do you recover data?

  • Have a Data Backup and Recovery Plan & Actually Follow It.
  • Centralise the Data.
  • Back up at Regular Intervals.
  • Maintain & Go Beyond Compliance.
  • Manage Access & Control.
  • Handle Devices with Care.
  • Can deleted data be recovered?

    Why Deleted Files Can Be Recovered, and How You Can Prevent It. When you a delete a file, it isn't really erased – it continues existing on your hard drive, even after you empty it from the Recycle Bin. This allows you (and other people) to recover files you've deleted.

    What happens to the data after we remove it from the hard disk?

    When data is deleted from a hard drive, it's not erased. are removed meaning the data itself still exists. It's location, however, is marked as being free and will be erased as soon as a single one of these bytes is overwritten with new data. So, if you have accidentally wiped your hard drive, time is of the essence.

    Which is better clustered or nonclustered index?

    If you want to select only the index value that is used to create and index, non-clustered indexes are faster. On the other hand, with clustered indexes since all the records are already sorted, the SELECT operation is faster if the data is being selected from columns other than the column with clustered index.

    What is nonclustered index?

    A nonclustered index is an index structure separate from the data stored in a table that reorders one or more selected columns. You can create multiple nonclustered indexes on a table or indexed view.

    Does index take space in the disk?

    Does index take space in the disk? Explanation: Indexes take memory slots which are located on the disk.

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